Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder impacts approximately 9% of children aged 2-17 years and 50% continue to have symptoms in adulthood. Difficulty paying attention and focusing can have a tremendous impact on school and work performance.


Autism Spectrum Disorder can be challenging for families and educators to manage without effective help. Let us assist you and your family formulate a behavioral and psychiatric treatment plan to manage aggression and disruptive behavior.


The impact of anxiety can be mentally and physically paralyzing whether in the form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Disorder, Social Anxiety or Generalized Anxiety. We can accurately diagnose and safely treat these symptoms so that you can overcome your fears and flourish.


Major Depressive Disorder is a group of symptoms that impacts your mood, energy, and self esteem.  It is our goal to help you achieve happiness though supportive therapy and medication management.

Bipolar Disorder

Fluctuations in sleep, energy and mood are primary symptoms of Bipolar Disorder that can lead to challenges in relationships at home and at work. Proper diagnosis and treatment is essential to providing stability in your life.


Comprehensive and complex treatment planning is essential to improving paranoia and hallucinations while minimizing side effects. You can have a better quality of life.